NY Attack

This morning I was just leaving my apartment when my neighbour stopped me and said “Have you heard about the WTC? It’s been hit by a plane. You can watch it from the roof”. I went upstairs and I saw that surreal image: a hole spanning for five floors in the centre top of Tower 1, and a huge cloud of black smoke. I live in the East Village, and the view from there was perfect. I went back to get my camera. When I was back in the roof I saw just before my eyes the explosion on Tower 2. I didn’t see the plane, nor did any of the other guys on the roof. We speculated for a few minutes. The only thing we could imagine was on of the wings of the first plane hitting the other tower and provoking the explosion, but that was very unlikely. Finally one of the people on the roof said: “The radio is saying that there was a second plane.” We suddenly got scared, and I could see tears on the eyes of my neighbour: his friend worked at the WTC. You can see my original footage at https://www.cruzate.com/nyhell/