The day after

Thanks everyone for your messages. I spent all my morning answering calls from yesterday (phones weren’t working) and replying to the various emails I received. I’ll try to keep this weblog updated so you can follow what’s going on in NY. I haven’t been outside yet, so nothing to report. My neighbour confirm this morning that his friend (the one who worked at the WTC) is ok!
My only and main thought right now is this: there’s not such a thing as an outside “evil”. “Evil” (and goodness) is withtin all of us. I know the anger and sorrow of everyone in this city, I’m still under shock, I thought the horror happening before my eyes. But looking for punishment or thinking of any armed response is not a solution, is just more of the same stupidity. What we need know is to open our eyes, put our vision beyond this island, beyond this country and try to understand why things like this happen. Why those who commit this horror also do it in “the name of god” or fighting against what for them is “evil”. Probably the worst sin is just to be blind, not to acknowledge the real problems of this world, and not trying to find the real solutions. It’ll take time and strength, but one day we should also prove to ourselves that we’re able to build the society and world that WE want.